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Our Story
  • 2009 Started as vehicle export specialists
  • 2010 Expanded vehicle supply to more than 9 countries
  • 2011 Shipped over several 1000s of vehicles from US to Europe and Asia
  • 2012 Reached up to 200 partnerships in global vehicle supply
  • 2013 Registered MoveWheels.com brand to focus on nationwide vehicle relocation services
  • 2014 Hundreds vehicles moved each month, 6 pros shipping agents and 1st Clear Car Shipping process delivered to our customers

Our business journey started back in 2009 when automobile export from USA was expanding to Europe, South America and Asia

Only within couple years we started supplying vehicles to more than 9 countries, among which are Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China, Turkey and others

By 2011 we have transported within USA and overseas over several thousands of new and used vehicles, boats, motorcycles and atvs. Each move is a separate project for us with its individual requirements.

Auto transport and export is a huge matter of trust. Focus on return customers helped us reach more than 200 of long lasting partnerships around the globe

In 2013 we decided bring our experience and professionalism in auto transport to the public and created MoveWheels.Com brand. We set our goal to educate customers and work hard to achieve highest satisfaction ratings.

Team work, regular professional education and sales trainings helped us to create a performing team of shipping agents to cover all our clients transport needs. Every day we work hard on increasing the percentage of returned customers and use our experience to professionally sort the carriers to provide only selected ones to our clients.

Our Missions
Professionaly educate customers about vehicle transportation process
Make shipping process technological and easy for regular consumer
Reach highest customer satisfaction ratings per every mile that we move
Our Team

Master Dispatch

Direct: (904) 863-8410


Shipping agent

Direct: (904) 297-1778


Shipping agent

Direct: (904) 863-8414


MoveWheels Creator

Direct: (904) 863-5350



Direct: (904) 863-8500


Shipping agent

Direct: (904) 863-8412


Shipping agent

Direct: (904) 863-8413

What Customers Say

Transportreviews.com is one of the well known web sites with transportation feedbacks. At our profile you'll be able to see more detailed reviews with information on prices and routes other customers had together with our 5-STAR RATING earned with each shipment.

In auto transport building trust with clients is the hardest part that takes a lot of work and patience. Succeeding in this is main value of our team, so we always ask our customers to share their experience online. Trustpilot is an easy review platform where it takes seconds to share your feedback.

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