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Alaska climate is harsh, but multiple Americans move to the North

Alaska shipping services are in high-demand, as travelers and qualified workers arrive to the northwest US state

Alaska Moving Rush

It seems against nature that people move to worse climate. Cold, darkness, mosquitoes could discourage Americans from going to the North. Meanwhile, population of Alaska keeps growing. Qualified workers and adventurers find the largest, beautiful US state attractive because of its unique allure, spirit of adventure and the special industries that are developed on the northwest of the USA. Therefore, Alaska moving services are top requested.

Top Reasons Why Americans Move to AK

Multiple legends, rich history and popular TV shows make Alaska attractive for fishers, hunters and gold miners. Additionally, there are multiple, well-paid jobs and positions for:

  • programmers, web designers and developers;
  • healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacy technicians, therapists);
  • mechanical engineers, fuel distribution systems operators (for oil & gas industry);
  • bus drivers;
  • hotel desk clerks.

Alaska shipping rates are usually high due to long delivery distance, harsh arctic climate and high living standard. Moreover, Canadian shipping regulations are applied and additional documentation is required.

Cold Alaska Climate

The climate of the largest US state is mainly subarctic and arctic. As the area of Alaska is more than 663 sq. miles, its climate differs from oceanic on the southwest to continental subarctic on the north. Winters are long and extremely cold, summers are short and cool. Rainy days are not numerous: from 7 to 17 depending on the location. The number of hot days in summer is limited, as well. Western Alaska climate is noted for extratropical storms and cyclones. Meanwhile, multiple travelers visit the state due to its unique tourist attractions, ordering Alaska shipping services.

Alaska Places to See

The top-rated attractions of Alaska include:

  • Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks;
  • Seward;
  • Inside Passage;
  • Alaska Highway.

People interested in history visit Anchorage Museum and Museum of the North, arranged by University of Alaska. Forest lovers must see Northern Lights and Iditarod Historic Trail. Alaska tourism industry is growing, and its famous amenities are among the top reasons to visit the state. Therefore, reliable, professional Alaska moving companies are prosperous.

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