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Arkansas is a state in the southern part of the country with a population of 3 million as of 2018. Arkansas’ official nickname is ‘The Natural State’ because of its mountains that are covered by dense forests, and an abundance of clear rivers and lakes. Overall, Arkansas has 52 State Parks systems, 7 National Park Service sites, and 3 national forests. With a very mild climate all year round it’s a perfect place to visit at any time of the year.

arkansas car shipping

A Natural state is a good place where you can live since it’s one of the most affordable states. The economy here is strong and the state offers several job opportunities. The most popular are sales workers, teachers, and nurses. Also if you are planning to start and operate your own business, Arkansas is a perfect place for this, since it has very conducive laws and it’s ranked as the 2nd-lowest cost to start a business. In addition Walmart, the world #1 retailer is based here.

The Largest cities of Arkansas where people ship their cars:

little rock car shipping

Little Rock is the state capital and also the largest city in the state. It has a population of around 197,000 people. And it is the state’s political, cultural, economic, and transportation hub. Moreover, Little Rock is home to the headquarters of such companies as Dillard’s, Clinton Foundation, and Windstream.

Fort smith car shipping

Fort Smith is the second most populated city in Arkansas and is located near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. Fort Smith was established in 1817 as a military and trading post. Nowadays it’s a major manufacturing area in Arkansas.

fayetteville caer shipping

Fayetteville is the third-largest city in Arkansas. It is situated in the northwestern part of the state and has an estimated population of 85,000. Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas which was ranked #63 among all public schools in the US. In autumn, hundreds of students travel to Fayetteville to move into the various residence halls and apartments in the area (If that’s your case, you can click here to get your free quote to move the car).

springdale car shipping

Springdale is located in the northwest of the state among the Ozark Mountains and has long been an important industrial city. Springdale is home to the world’s largest meat producing company, Tyson Foods, as well as several trucking companies such as J.B. Hunt.

jonesboro car shipping

Jonesboro, the fifth biggest city in Arkansas is located in the northeastern part of the state. It is the economic and cultural center of northeastern Arkansas and is a regional hub of education, agriculture, and manufacturing. The city is best known as the location of the second biggest college in the state: Arkansas State University.

How much would it cost to ship a car to Arkansas?

Arkansas is close to some larger states such as Texas and Illinois and that affects the availability of drivers on the route. In most cases, Arkansas is not their final destination, since there are not that many vehicles going there. For example, if the vehicle needs to be transported from Michigan to Arkansas, the driver going from Michigan to Texas will be able to move the vehicle since he will be driving through Arkansas.

how much does it cost to ship a car

The price for transporting the vehicle depends on different factors as its size (i.e. sedan, SUV, pickup truck or RV), mileage, time of the year (i.e. prices for moving in December are higher than usual). You can get your free quote with Movewheels here.

Arkansas Car Shipping 1

All vehicle transport companies are looking for drivers on a website called Central Dispatch (only a registered broker, carrier, or dealer has access to the website). The company posts the information about the vehicle with a specific price mentioning its year, make, model, pick-up, and delivery zip-codes, and how soon it needs to be picked up. If the price works for the driver, he calls the company and sets up the pick-up date. If the price is too low the driver can make an offer to move the vehicle for a higher price or wait till the company reposts the vehicle for a higher rate. So, it’s like an auction for a spot on the trailer.

Vehicle shipping prices

Our company also has its own database of reliable drivers that we are working with on a daily basis and we always find the best deal for our customers.

Here are some pictures of the Central Dispatch for July-August 2020. All prices are for a sedan and are only carrier rates (you will need to add $100-170 brokers fee and you will have total price):

Arkansas Car Shipping 2

Shipping from the East Coast to Arkansas

shipping prices from east to AR


If you need to ship the car from Key West to Arkansas, you need to add $250. It’s a hard location for the big car hauler to get to. There is a special trailer picking up the vehicles in Key West and delivering it to Homestead where the car is loaded on the trailer going to Arkansas

Shipping from The South to Arkansas

vehicle transport prices from south to AR

Shipping from the West Coast to Arkansas

west to AR shipping price

How does the payment work?

The payment is divided into 2 parts and unlike other companies, we do NOT require any kind of prepayment. That means when you place an order with our company we do NOT charge anything upfront. The only time we charge your card is AFTER your vehicle is loaded on the trailer and is on the way to the delivery location. So once your car is picked we charge a partial deposit of $100-$180 (depending on the route) and the remaining balance should be paid to the driver at the delivery with cash or any certified funds. It can be a money order, cashier’s check, or company check (if you own a business).

no payment upfront car shipping

Arkansas car shipping companies near me

You probably have a question of why you cannot contact the carrier company directly. In most cases, carrier companies do not have enough staff to work directly with customers. Most of them are family-owned businesses with a couple of drivers and 1-2 dispatchers to schedule the driver’s route and call the customers to negotiate the time of pick up and drop off.

vehicle shipping hauler AR

There are a bunch of good carrier companies in Arkansas. For example, M&K Transportation LLC which is owned by the Smith family. They have been in business since 2018 and own 2 trucks operating from Texas to Ohio and Pennsylvania. Another company is 8X Transport LLC which operates a 3-car hauler and operates on the route Arkansas-Florida. We also work with ABC Transport Company that owns five-car haulers and covers Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

How can I get ready for moving during COVID?

If you are wondering if it’s more difficult to ship the car during COVID, we have some good news for you. The carriers we work with receive medical examinations every day and the trailers are disinfected properly.

truck desinfection

During the pandemic, our drivers are running their routes as planned and most of them are making 7-10 days ahead reservation, so it’s better to place an order at least a week in advance. This will help you to get the carrier for a reasonable price avoiding expedited shipping cost and to have plenty of time to get the car ready for the move.

car shipping preparetions

Also, the transit time stays the same: 7-10 days from coast to coast, 5 days from north to east regions (or vice versa), and 2-3 days within the neighboring states.

Once everything is set up, make sure you clean the interior with a detergent. Also before the pick-up don’t forget to remove all tags and plates so you won’t receive any tickets by mistake (road cameras may take a picture of your car by mistake and you can easily dispute it by showing the Bill of Lading but it will still take some time)

Arkansas Car Shipping 3

If you are planning to meet the driver at the pick-up location and give him the car key take the same protections you usually would when going out in public: wear a mask and disposable gloves.

car desinfection

At the delivery location, you will want to follow the same safety measures. Also after you receive the vehicle, make sure to sanitize the parts of the vehicle the driver likely touched: the door handle, gear shift, and the steering wheel. You may also go to the car wash and they will disinfect the car for you.

And you can check another article to get info on every car shipping question, in this completed guide we include all often asked question. Didn’t find the answer to your question just call us or create your custom quote, and we provide you the best service.


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