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New York moving direction is the third outbound in 2016. But for the perfect New York shipping infrastructure and NY places to see, due to cold NY climate, people leave the state.

New York Moving Ambitions

NY is not the largest, but densely populated US state. But for its northeastern geographical location, NYC is very popular and diverse people strive for relocating to it. If you afford to live here, you get unique job and entertainment opportunities. Nevertheless, many people are leaving the state, relocating predominantly to Florida, New Jersey and California. Thus, New York moving direction is rated as the third outbound state in 2016.

Americans Still Move to NY. Why?

Annual NY population increase of about 0.5 million people is caused mainly by births and removals from other countries. Basic reasons to relocate to NYC include:
• breathtaking carrier and business development opportunities;
• reliable public transportation;
• magnificent, inspirational nightlife;
• great cultural attractions and New York places to see;
• comfortable housing;
• friendly communities;
• top-rated universities.

If you go by car in NYC, check New York shipping and road conditions, because traffic jams are terrible. Going by subway is preferable. Meanwhile, NYC is the largest, but not the best place for living. Small cities and towns, such as Pittsford, Orchard Park, Roslyn Estates are green, spectacular, pleasant, and favorable to raise kids or relax. Additionally, the climate in NY is quite cold, so multiple Americans move to warm and sunny places.

New York Climate and Attractions

Summers are cool or modestly warm. Winters are snowy and cold. Rains are abundant: 47 in per year. Snowfalls are frequent, especially within the Appalachian Mountains. Spring weather is unstable; falls are much milder. Generally, New York climate is humid continental. Tornadoes and droughts are common in NY; they become severe sometimes. Hurricanes occur once per 18-19 years, so the risk is not high. Therefore, tourists prefer visiting NY during late spring and fall months.

The most popular New York places to see are:

• Statue of Liberty;
• Central Park;
• Times Square;
• Niagara Falls;
• Brooklyn Bridge;
• Rockefeller Center;
• Broadway;
• Metropolitan Museum of Art;
• Fifth Avenue;
• Empire State Building.

Many people dream about living in NY. Salaries are high here; opportunities are enormous. So, if afford to stay here, stand air pollutions and cold climate, go ahead with relocation. Meanwhile, many people leave NY, and New York moving direction is not very popular.

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