Motorcycle Shipping & Transport. The Ultimate Guide

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If anyone knows the rules of the road, it is the motorcycle enthusiast. These treasured vehicles adorn the highways and byways across the nation. So whether moving to a nearby city or far away state, or simply taking your bike on vacation, or having it delivered from a long-distance seller, it is important to find a reliable shipping company that specializes in motorcycle transport. That’s why diligent customers carefully study online websites for reviews, licenses, and background info before selecting a carrier option that best suits their needs and price. Bikers appreciate both speed and mobility so they can also appreciate a smooth, fast transaction. The professional shipping agents at Movewheels are experienced in all kinds of vehicle transport so they know how to get the job done quickly and competently.

Ship a Motorcycle with MoveWheels

When choosing a carrier to deliver their valuable vehicles, customers always want to save time, effort, and money while avoiding any delays or complications. Shipping your motorcycle with Movewheels offers many advantages because we:

  • ship door-to-door;
  • check carrier reliability;
  • apply risk management;
  • guarantee safety of each vehicle.

Any biker with a “need for speed” will certainly appreciate saving time locating reputable transporters and negotiating every detail of the shipment. Let our experienced agents, knowledgeable with every nuance of the industry, manage all tasks necessary to ensure your motorcycle is picked up and delivered in a safe and timely manner.

How to Get a Motorcycle Shipping Quote?

Our skilled agent will call you back to convey and explain detailed information about the cost to ship a motorcycle, to discuss the cooperation procedures, and finally to answer any questions about the contract. Before any bike is picked up and before the contract is signed, the customer can select the carriers, the transportation insurance coverage, and the time of delivery.

What Affects the Price?

Our motorcycle shipping service is professional, affordable and reliable. But the transport duration is to be discussed carefully. Especially when the distance is large, transportation by road can take several days. It may be possible to expedite the delivery, but this too can affect the total price. Other pricing factors include:

  • the make and model (geometry and weight)
  • the distance(mileage)
  • the shipping method (trailer type and other considerations)

The Ways to Get Top-Quality Motorcycle Shipping Service

You can get a shipping quote in many convenient ways: fill out an online form and specify the basic information and quickly receive a call from of our agents; call our agents directly and discuss all delivery details and get a verbal quote; or visit our company location in Green Cove Springs and receive a quote in person. In any case, you will receive a prompt, polite and professional response. The cost to ship your motorcycle with Movewheels is very affordable, and we provide door-to-door delivery, guarantee safety, cooperate only with reliable carriers, and provide comprehensive service throughout the process.
Additionally, we care about convenience and positive experience(perhaps use feedback?) of our customers. Understanding the contract and basic insurance policy is clear and easy. Payment can be accepted by many suitable forms (paypal, credit card, or cash). We maintain a list of reliable carriers specializing in motorcycle shipping and can quickly find a favorable option for any date, location, and special requirements. The owners simply have to prepare their cherished vehicle for a timely delivery.

Bike Shipping Checklist

Owners of multiple bikes prefer shipping to riding themselves because it is often the easiest and most efficient option. Several vehicles can be delivered in a single enclosed trailer. As with any shipment, the motorbike should be prepared before pick up. The owners are advised to do the following:

  • wash the motorcycle;
  • inspect it;
  • note any existing damages;
  • take photos.

The gas tank should be nearly empty – 1/8 to ¼ is sufficient. Additionally, since personal possessions are usually not covered by the insurance policy, owners are advised to remove them wherever possible. Also, any alarms should be disabled before the bike is loaded.
These elementary measures simplify and accelerate motorcycle inspection. It will take but a few minutes to ensure your vehicle is properly delivered to its destination. At Movewheels, you can trust our agents’ experience and proficiency. So, after signing the contract and doing some basic preparation, just relax and entrust our dedicated professionals with their familiar duties.

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