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Arizona moving motivations include economic and ecological reasons. Hot, desert Arizona climate, unique attractions, low taxes and affordable housing options push Americans for Arizona moving decision.

Arizona Moving Attributes

Heat and sunshine, mosquitoes and flies, earthquakes and smog don’t keep Americans from relocating to AZ. People arrive to Phoenix metropolitan area to spend winters in a warm, mild climate. They come to get employed or enter one of its popular universities. Increase in AZ population makes 6.4% from 2000 to 2012; the state is listed as the 10th inbound US destination of 2016. Meanwhile, Arizona moving motivations are intricate and diversified.

Why do Americans Move to Arizona?

Naturally, AZ shipping rates don’t influence the family’s decision to relocate. The common reasons to move are:

• hot, dry climate;
• desert environment inspiration;
• unique attractions;
• fast-growing housing market;
• prestigious colleges and universities;
• developed film industry;
• ecological purity and delicious food.

Young entrepreneurs arrive to Phoenix to start a new, small business. The state is beneficial for retirees, as well, because of abundance of sunny days and clean air. Taxes are low in AZ, so they don’t affect Arizona moving rates significantly. Meanwhile, climate and attractions are essential for multiple new-comers.

Arizona Climate

Arizona stands out by dry, desert climate, with not frequent rains. Summers are extremely hot; winters are mild and warm. Heavy rains are typical for August and September. Pacific storms happen from November till March. Meanwhile, complaining of dirt, poor vegetation, boring landscape and lack of water resources, Arizonans enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities. Arizona places to see are spectacular and fanciful; exploring mountain roads by car is preferable, as the drives are scenic and spectacular.

Top Arizona Attractions

Multiple investigative travelers strive for seeing beautiful, exotic places, such as:

• Sedona;
• Hoover Dam;
• Petrified Forest Park;
• Havasu Falls;
• Lake Mead;
• Barringer Crater;
• Monument Valley.

Multiple canyons (Great, Glen, de Chelly, Antelope ones) look really amazing! History lovers prefer visiting Bisbee town, Montezuma Castle or Tumacacori park. Phoenix zoo is large, beautiful and great for education.

Thus, diverse Arizona places to see and warm, desert climate attract Americans, but job, educational or housing opportunities often become crucial for them. So, people come to the state to spend a winter and often stay for good.

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