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Maryland moving needs are significant and important. Maryland shipping infrastructure is robust, but due to cool MD climate, check weather forecast before visiting MD places to see.

Maryland Moving Charm

A small in terms of area, Mid- Atlantic state, MD is home for about 6 million people. This densely populated region is benefited from favorable geographical location that is close to Washington DC and famous for rich history. It shows population increase of about 9% from 2000 to 2010 Censuses. Therefore, Maryland moving needs are significant.

Why Americans Move to MD?

Natives recommend to move to MD only if you earn not less than $70 thousand a year. Housing, gas and consumer goods are expensive within the state, at least in the largest MD city, Baltimore. Americans relocate here for:

• perfect job opportunities;
• top-quality healthcare services;
• unique Maryland places to see;
• beautiful scenery, beaches and sunrises;
• abundance of cultural attractions;
• top universities and schools;
• sports;
• delicious seafood.

Unemployment rate in Baltimore is about 6.20% in 2017. The region offers numerous highly paid jobs for scientists; biotechnology, engineering, math professionals. Baltimore is listed among the most beneficial cities to work. Meanwhile, small cities such as Sykesville, Somerset, Kensington, are much more affordable, safe and great for living. Due to short distance and robust Maryland shipping infrastructure, some Americans work in DC and live in MD, or vice versa. But road conditions are weather related and require online checking.

Maryland Climate and Attractions

MD weather varies significantly depending on location. Western, mountainous regions are cool; eastern, coastal plains are warmer. Commonly, winters are cold and snowy; summers are warm to hot, humid. Annual average rainfalls are 35-45 in. Snowfalls are heavy in the mountains, amounting up to 100 in. Tropical cyclones are common, but hurricanes are infrequent. Therefore, the best time to visit MD is from May to September.

National Aquarium is listed as a great reason to arrive to the state. Other top Maryland places to see include:

• Rocks and Assateague State Parks;
• Baltimore Inner Harbor;
• Antietam National Battlefield;
• Deep Creek Lake;
• Chesapeake & Ohio Canal;
• Ocean City Boardwalk.

MD is a favorable region for business and carrier. It’s a bit expensive for living. Meanwhile, Americans keep relocating to the state, and Maryland moving needs are extensive.


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