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Georgia moving destination in rather inbound than outbound. Georgia shipping infrastructure is unique; GA climate is mild, warm and pleasant; visit GA places to see is in summer.

 Georgia Moving Advantages

Georgia is a sort of balanced US states in terms of residents’ number. With general population that is close to 10 mln. people (up to 4 mln. of which live in Atlanta metro area), GA is densely populated and fast-growing. Numerous Americans arrive to the state, basically from Florida, Illinois, California. Some others leave, mainly by personal reasons. Thus, Georgia moving destination is rather inbound than outbound.

Why Diverse People Move to GA?

Georgians love their state. They highlight the basic benefits of living here, such as:

  • affordable consumer prices;
  • southern hospitality;
  • safe, family-friendly environment;
  • an abundance of fresh produce – peaches, peanuts, pecans, dairy products, other fruits, and vegetables;
  • mild, pleasant Georgia climate;
  • great education system;
  • festivals galore;
  • collegiate and professional sports.

Meanwhile, economics of GA is extremely large and fast-growing. It is famous by developed real estate, communication, tourism, film industries. Georgia shipping and logistics infrastructure is unique thanks to deepwater Savannah and Brunswick ports, Atlanta International Airport that is large and busy. Georgians hardly mention that unemployment rate statewide is very high, rising to 10% in 2017. Nevertheless, the state is obviously worth visiting and about 35-40 million tourists arrive here for vacations every year.

Georgia Climate and Attractions

Humid, subtropical climate is common for GA regions and communities. Winters are mild, warm. Snow falls occasionally, mainly in the mountains. Summers are hot, steamy, with abundant rainfalls. Annual precipitations are 40-50 in. Humidity is high, 56-82%, but Georgians admit that it feels much more pleasant than in Florida. Risk of tornadoes is high in mountainous areas; hurricanes are common for coastal regions. Thus, preferable time to visit GA is from May to August.

The famous Georgia places to see include:

  • Forsyth Park in Savannah;
  • Okefenokee Swamp;
  • Jekyll Island;
  • Chattahoochee Forest;
  • Callaway Gardens;
  • Ocmulgee National Monument.

Most festivals and music concerts take place in summer. Meanwhile, with average winter temperatures of 40s-50s (°F), multiple outdoor activities: hiking, biking, climbing, camping, golf and tennis are accessible all year round. So, Georgia moving direction is quite popular among Americans and they continue relocating to this warm, pleasant, fast-growing state.

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