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South Carolina moving trends encouraging, inbound. South Carolina climate is mild, but unpredictable; SC places to see attract tourists and new-comers.

South Carolina Moving Concerns

Rich history, natural beauty and southern warmth and hospitality attract Americans. But for abnormal heat and humidity, expensive healthcare services, damaging hurricanes, they relocate to the state. Therefore, SC increase in population showed 5.85% from 2010 to 2015 Censuses that is 270,782 people. Additionally, more than 30 million tourists visit SC every year. Therefore, the state is listed as the 5th top inbound US direction of 2016. So, South Carolina moving direction is becoming more and more popular.

Why so Many Americans relocate to SC?

The largest CS city, Columbia, is home for about 134 thousand people. It experiences common problems of densely populated communities: traffic jams (only during evacuation); high crime rates and prices, poverty. Other cities such as Charleston, Greenville, Summerville are much safer and less expensive places.

Meanwhile, major incentives to move to SC are:

• warm, sunny South Carolina climate;
• rich culture and long history;
• multiple beach resorts;
• slow pace of life;
• natural beauty;
• universities and private colleges.

Major SC industries are tourism, technology and military sectors. South Caroline shipping infrastructure is great due to deep water seaports, airports and railways available. But road and pavement conditions are described as:

• good 15%;
• fair 38%;
• poor 47%.

Meanwhile, weather in SC is usually unpredictable.

South Carolina Climate and Attractions

Summers are hot, humid; winters are short and mild. Annual average precipitation is 40-80 in. Tornadoes are common in spring and in November. Snowfalls are infrequent, being typical only for Blue Ridge Mountains; freezing rains are more probable.

Therefore, numerous tourists prefer visiting SC in winter, when the temperatures reach 70s and even 80s (°F). Most visited South Carolina places to see are:

• BrookGreen Gardens;
• Middleton Place;
• Myrtle Beach;
• Huntington Beach Park;
• Riverbanks Zoo;
• Dupont Planetarium;
• Hilton Head Island;
• South Carolina Plantations.

SC is a leading tourist destination. Travelers prefer it due to boundless recreational activities: boating, biking, tennis, baseball, swimming, hiking. Additionally, numerous Americans relocate to the state nowadays; so South Carolina moving trends are promising, inbound.


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