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Washington DC moving direction is extremely popular, inbound. Washington DC shipping and transportation system is perfect and efficient, so you easily get to unique DC places to see.

Washington DC Moving Priorities

Relocation to the US capital is an ambitious dream of numerous and diverse Americans. DC is small, with a population of about 600 thousand residents. Meanwhile, Washington metro area is much larger, being home for up to 7 million people and including some parts of adjacent states such as Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Therefore, Washington DC moving direction is extremely popular, being listed as the 7th inbound US region in 2016.

Why do Numerous Americans Relocate to DC?

Washington DC is a mecca for politicians, government employees, and tourists. The district is very expensive and tough to live. Meanwhile, Americans move to Washington city, because of:

• excellent job market;
• great walkability, multiple green gardens and parks;
• high education level;
• mild Washington DC climate;
• demographic diversity and freedom;
• magnificent nightlife attractions;
• terrific food options.

Museum, concerts, events, unique DC places to see are numerous and diverse. Meanwhile, suburbs are great, more affordable and with top-ranked schools, so many people prefer to live there, even if these small cities and towns are beyond DC. Washington DC shipping and public transportation system is efficient and extensive; so you easily get to Baltimore, Huntington, Glenmont or Georgetown by bus, train or by car.

Washington DC Climate and Attractions

Distinct four seasons and some snow (15-17 in. per year) make the climate of DC charming and pleasant. Officially, it is called temperate, maritime. Winters are cold, chilly, with little snowfalls; springs and falls are warm and pleasant; summers are humid and hot. Rainfalls are sparse, but for coastal areas (total average annual precipitation is 39.73 in). So, officials and entrepreneurs usually visit DC to make deals in winter. Meanwhile, tourists prefer spring and autumn.

Top-rated Washington DC places to see include:

• US Capitol;
• Library of Congress;
• Jefferson Memorial;
• National Cathedral;
• the White House;
• Washington Monument;
• National Zoological Park.

Multiple museums such as Newseum, International Spy, Air and Space Museums, Gallery of Art, Museums of Natural and American History are popular, as well. More than 20 million tourists visit the US capital every year, so Washington DC moving needs are considerable and diverse.

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