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Specific geographical and socio-ecomonic layout of the United States has defined the development of ramified road network across the entire country which nowadays allows convenient long-distance shipment by land.

With the growth of American automobile industry the demand for relocating vehicles among both large companies and private individuals has rapidly grown as well.

Over the past year only more than 3 million vehicles were shipped in the USA. Such great demand has led to the ever increasing number of carriers able to cover all possible routes. The shipment itself is performed by various types of car carrier trailers including open and enclosed ones.

Most often cars are relocated on open car haulers which are big trucks with special ramps and hydraulics that can load up to 10 cars. You have most likely seen those kinds of trucks delivering cars to dealerships.


• It’s cost and time effective. Driving the car yourself or worrying about somebody doing the long-distance ride for you may turn into a stressful and pricey experience. You might as well consider selling your car and buying another one at the new location. But if you are not planning to replace your car just yet – try checking the cost to ship a vehicle on your route. The all inclusive price may turn out to be lower than all the costs and time spent on driving or purchasing a new car. Having your vehicle shipped by a professional car carrier can help you save money and time for more valuable things in your life.

• It’s door-to-door. Vast majority of carriers provide door-to-door shipping which implies that they get as close to your origin and destination locations as it is physically and legally possible while picking up and delivering your vehicle. Unlike terminal-to-terminal shipment which used to be more common in the past, this type of service allows you or a person you trust observe the loading/off-loading process to make sure that no damage is done to the car. Door-to-door service also enables transportation of inoperable (non-running) cars from repair shops, auctions, previous owners etc.

• You can ship several cars at once. Drivers are interested in getting loads with the same pick up and delivery locations as it saves them time on transportation and money on fuel. If you are a lucky owner of more than one vehicle, hiring a carrier to relocate your cars together on the same truck can reduce shipping cost per vehicle by as much as 10-20%.

• Risks are covered. Since your car is picked up it stays on the same truck all the way to the destination point and is covered by carrier insurance. The whole truck is usually insured for $ 1 million which is about $100,000 per vehicle. Moreover, according to the statistics, the risk of damage from road debris is lower when a car is shipped on a truck other than being driven on a highway.

• No extra mileage on your car. Car owners know that as the mileage on a car increases, the engine internals start wearing down, significantly lowering efficiency of the vehicle. That’s why if you are trying to accomplish a coast-to-coast trip or any other long-distance ride, you might be concerned about saving your car a longer life. The only time cars are driven during shipping by a car hauker is when they are actually loaded on and off the truck or moved in order to load or off-load other cars on the truck. In total, your car will only be driven 1 or 2 miles in the entire transportation. 


If you decide that shipping a car is the right option for you, then you might as well want to know who is going to arrange and perform the transfer.

Basically, there are three major players in the industry: shippers, brokers and carriers.

Shippers. These are individuals or companies that are looking to transfer their vehicle(s) due to:

• moving to a different city or state (i.e. household moves)
• relocating a business (corporate relocations)
• purchasing a car at a different location (from an auction, out of state etc.)
• arranging a shipment of a car purchased at the dealership (dealer vehicle shipping)
• temporary relocation (seasonal vehicle shipping, college vehicle moving)
• military vehicle shipping
• commercial relocation vehicle shipping
• or any other individual reasons

Brokers (or shipping agents). These are companies that act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers. They provide shippers with quotes, search for carriers for their transportation and handle arrangements of vehicle pick up and delivery.

Carriers. These can be both big trucking companies and individual owners of car trailers that actually perform the transportation. They look for loads on the routes they plan to go, using special load boards and contacting brokers.


Theoretically, yes. However, it is important to know the three major functions that shipping agents carry out in your favor while dealing with carriers.

1. Cost-saving. Drivers are likely to charge more money when they contact directly with the customers while brokers have access to a comprehensive database with shipping rates for all types of vehicles on all routes. Moreover, agents can see carrier availability in your area and negotiate the price with the driver to get you the best deal.

2. Time-saving. It is also quite difficult to find a carrier that will be going on your particular route within your desibed time frames by yourself. Car transporters are more eager to work through brokers rather than directly with shippers as they need to load the entire truck with cars going in the same direction.

3. Handling the paperwork. Hiring a reputable and experienced broker company will not only help you get the best deal but also take care of all the details to make sure your car shipping process goes smoothly.


Once you type “car shipping quotes” into Google search bar you get a long list of websites where you can get the quote. But the very moment you submit a request on at least one of these web sites you start getting bombarded with calls and emails from numerous agents who promise you the lowest price for your transportation.

It happens because quote generating websites are selling your request and your contact information to about a dozen of broker companies who start a real war in order to get your attention. The range of prices you get creates a feeling that there is a huge demand among carriers for shipping your car.

However, BROKER COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN TRUCKS and even when they do, the chance that those drivers are going your particular route is very low. Having conducted a profound analysis of customer reviews, we came to conclusion that:

The highest dissatisfaction rate among shippers is caused by large disparity between quoted prices and actual final prices for the transportation. The gap occurs because quotes are provided by brokers and actual prices are dictated by carriers. 

So, in order to make your shipping experience a positive one and help you avoid unpleasant surprises, we have put up a scale on which you can see how different pricing strategies can affect the final cost of the shipment:

Quotes that are too low - typically significant raise (by 40% or more)

• the price is under carriers’ acceptance rate 
• used only to get your attention 
• gets raised in 99.9% of cases

Quotes that are low - typically raised (by 30%) 

• the price is at the lowest rate carriers ever accepted on this route 
• the car might be moved eventually with a big delay 
• gets raised in 80% of cases

Quotes that are average  - usually stays the same 

• the price is accepted by carriers in 80% of cases 
• car is moved within decent time frames

Above average price   - stays the same 

• the price is higher than carriers’ average acceptance rate 
• carriers compete for the load which results in wider carrier availability and higher quality transports

Major problem in customer satisfaction is that most of the broker companies present low prices as realistic ones and then go back to the customers, raising the cost.

• Realistic price. Instead of receiving thousands of spam calls and emails you are provided with direct information on the realistic price range of what carriers accept on the route.
• Choose your pricing strategy. We also adivise you on choosing the best cost-saving strategy for your transportation within your time frames because we know how important it is to save money and time for more valuable things in life.
• Personal assistance. You will be assigned a dedicated shipping agent who will be guiding you through the entire process to make sure your car shipping expirience is positive.
 Reliable driver. Our team professionally sorts and evaluates the carriers to provide you with a reliable driver that meets our high standards, has proper documentation and insurance.
• Professional Negotiation. We help you connect directly with the driver and achieve best pricing for your auto transport by professionally negotiating with the carriers.

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