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Wisconsin moving trends are outbound due to harsh WI climate. Wisconsin shipping conditions are severe due to freezing; visit amazing WI places to see in summer and spring.

Wisconsin Moving Disillusion

Multiple stereotypes, such as monotony, an abundance of farms, absence of culture and history, terrible architecture are attributed to WI. The state is called flyover, forsaken and boring. Outflows to Florida, Texas, Minneapolis, and California exceed inflows from these US states. Only Illinois is a large source of WI new-comers. Unfortunately, harsh, cold, long winters, heavy snowfalls, and gravel, curvy roads are common. So, Wisconsin shipping and road conditions are usually severe due to freezing and snow banks.

Why Americans Still Move to WI?

The largest city in WI is Milwaukee. About 600 thousand Wisconsinians live here. The city attracts new-comers by:

  • affordable rents;
  • low prices for houses;
  • great outdoors;
  • amazing Wisconsin places to see.

WI natives enjoy four seasons, multiple waterparks, ice fishing and hunting. Having developed beer, milk, cheese production industries, the state accommodates 68% of residents living in urban communities. The unemployment rate is about 7.3% that is below the US average. Wages are higher in the adjacent regions, so experienced professionals rather tend to move out. Therefore, Wisconsin moving conditions are challenging and troublesome.

WI Attractions and Climate

Most-visited WI attractions are:

  • waterparks in Wisconsin Dells;
  • Olbrich Botanic Gardens;
  • Taliesin East;
  • The House on The Rock;
  • Land O’Lakes.

The Harley-Davidson, National Railroad, Circus World Museums and WI State Capitol can be explored in all weathers, even when it snows or rains.

Actually, Wisconsin climate is continental, with very cold winters and short, warm summers. Freeze-free season lasts for only about 80 days. April, June and July are rainy months. Sunny days amount to 187-190 per year. Therefore, multiple WI people feel frustration during long winter months and think about moving out to warm, economically developed regions. So, Wisconsin moving trends are rather outbound.

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