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Utah moving trends are outbound in spite of stable economy. Mild Utah climate, places to see and recreational activities are attractive for outdoor enthusiasts and close-knit families.

Utah Moving Idyll

Since Mormon pioneers selected Salt Lake Valley for their residence in 1847, religious traditions prevail within the state. About half the Salt Lake City adult population is Mormon. Thus, the region is typified as family friendly, safe and rich in history. Americans continue relocating to UT, basically from California due to economic and cultural reasons. Nevertheless, Utah moving trends are outbound, as the state is listed as the 9th outbound destination of 2016.

Why Families Move to Utah?

UT is famous for low cost of living, high living standards and the lowest unemployment rate within the USA. Other reasons to relocate to Utah include:

• picturesque mountains and national parks;
• captivating festivals and diverse outdoor activities;
• friendly people and low crime rate;
• unique opportunities for education;
• affordable housing options.

Mormon community is incredibly powerful within the region. The Christians encourage like-minded people to relocate to Salt Lake City, Provo or Ogden. They help new-comers with Utah shipping, moving and unpacking not only with advices. Generally, the Church’s members are polite, honest and friendly. Therefore, multiple rural communities are crime free and UT is ranked as one of the safest US states. Favorable climate, diverse recreation and outdoor activities, unique UT places to see make the state even more attractive for living.

Utah Climate

As mountains protect the region from tornadoes, storms, and extreme weather, Arctic blasts usually do not reach the valleys. Winters are cold and snowy, with not frequent frosts. Summers are hot and dry. Utahans enjoy 4 distinct seasons, going rafting, biking, boating, skiing and horseback riding. There are some amazing ski resorts in Utah. Additionally, several incredible rivers and lakes offer great wild outdoor recreation opportunities including swimming, fishing, and kayaking. UT tourist attractions and beautiful nature please and amaze Americans, making them relocate to the state.

Utah Places to See

The state is unique in terms of transport accessibility. The international airport and free light rail system make Utah moving easy and affordable. Thus, you can easily get to its main attractions, such as:

• Arches or Zion National Parks;
• Monument Valley;
• Park City;
• Great Salt Lake.

7 universities, Mormon Temple, friendly people, and safe life, low taxes, mild Utah climate attract multiple Americans to move to the state and find a lot of like-minded friends. Therefore, Mormon communities are growing rapidly, engaging new members, and Utah increase in population makes 8.4 % since 2010.

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