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You need to ship car oversea but you don’t know how? Your friends were talking about shipping their cars over seas and you had nothing to add about this? Here is a simple guide concerning overseas shipment.

Even if shipping cars over seas may seem to be very complicated, the process, in general, is very simple. The information is the power as they say, right? These are the main things you have to keep in mind f you need to ship a car from the USA to another country or continent.

The first thing to be done is a research. The best way to do this is, of course, use the internet. What should you look for? The name of the company and feedbacks about it. Usually, reliable companies will be on the top of the list. Make sure that the selected company has all certificates and licenses (just like our company) 😉

Licenses can be different depending on which type of a company you will use. Do not hesitate to ask all participants of the shipping process. Often firms engage third parties which mean extra risks.

It won’t be superfluous to make sure that a company as well as its third party (if it uses any) is totally insured and licensed.

Tip: Sometimes friends’ previous experience can help you to avoid serious difficulties and save your times so use it. Contact people who ship car oversea before and ask for advice.

Now, when you pick us several good companies, is time to ask for quotes. If you have never done this before, you may have no idea how much it will cost so check rates first. Some websites list prices for the most popular routes. Please remember, that most websites will show you just an estimate – price for a small sedan, perfect route, no weather conditions and season are taken into the account. Remember that cost can change if prices for fuel raise dramatically or any other conditions which mean that you may not use online rates as a guaranteed price.

If you have time, check special forums to find out how much people pay for overseas shipment.
Once you have offers from selected firms look at them carefully, read between the lines, check their contracts and most importantly T&C.

There are several moments that can very much influence the price:
– Shipping method. Will you use RoRo, sole 20 Ft container or shared 40 Ft container?
– Type of service. Whether you need a port to port delivery or you plan to use a full service.
– Fees at the destination. Every port has its fees no matter where you ship.

International transporters will offer you insurance. To use it or not is up to you, usually, it is between 1,5 to 2,5 % of the transportation value. There can be some unexpected moments during shipping cars over seas but to be fully informed will help you to avoid them!

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