Dealership Car Shipping. Special Offers for Dealers

Dealerships are always busy shipping vehicles, whether it’s for a customer who just bought a car or from a customer who is selling them the vehicle. They contact us so that we can help them with the shipping process by reacting quickly to their request and assigning a carrier as soon as possible considering that we have a wide range of experienced drivers that we work with on a daily basis.

In this dealership car shipping guide you can get info on such topics as:

  • How does vehicle shipping work for dealerships?
  • Reasons to choose our company;
  • How to get the best car shipping experience?
  • What you can use our car shipping service?
  • Car shipping price for a dealership;
  • Short tips for car shipping during COVID;

dealership car shipping

How does car transportation work for dealerships?

First, you get your Free Quote after providing us with all the needed information regarding the transportation process, like the zip-codes of pick-up and delivery points, the type of car hauler you would like to choose (open, enclosed), the year, make and model of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle (operable or inoperable), and the 1st available date for the vehicle to be picked up.

After getting the quote you are instantly going to be contacted by a MoveWheels representative, who will answer all your questions regarding the transport of your cars either via email, text, or phone call. Our service is provided 24/7, so if you are stressed about the move, don’t hesitate, call us, whenever you want, and we will provide you with the information you would like to hear from us.

how does car shipping for dealers works

The quote you will get includes all fees, taxes, and insurance. So do not be afraid of any hidden fees.

Speaking of the pick-up process, the day before the pick-up date we will send you the driver’s information so that you will be able to contact him directly regarding the special features of the pick-up point.On the pick up day, he will also contact you 2-3 hours before he gets to the meeting point.

The delivery date is given to you as an estimated day when you will receive the car. But 24 hours before the delivery the driver will call you to find out if you are ready to receive it and will give you a more accurate time for the delivery. Anyone can be at the drop-off location: the customer’s friend, business partner, colleague, or even the babysitter of the client’s child may, as long as this person is 18 years old.

The reasons for you to choose our company:

1. No payment upfront. Nothing is charged before your car is picked up.

no payment upfront

2. 0% deductible insurance. Insurance coverage depends on the type of car hauler you are going to choose if it’s an open car hauler the insurance for one car will be up to $100,000, while the insurance for enclosed one goes up to $250,000.

car shipping insurance

3. Personalized approach. because we pay attention to all the details that the customer requires.

customer personal approach

4. Customer Support 24/7. Any time of the day you can contact our company.

24/7 customer support

5. Save your time. The interaction with the transportation process will be minimal from your side, as we will take care of everything starting from securing your spot on a car hauler to getting the vehicle shipped to its destination safe and sound.

save your time with car shipping

Why a car dealer can experience an even better transportation service with us?

1. If you have a lot of vehicles to be transported for one route, you will be given a great discount for transporting several vehicles at once. Sounds awesome! Isn’t it?

The more vehicles The lower price

2. If you are located in a state with a great number of dealerships, the cars you want to transport can be even picked up even the same day as you created the request. The states with a planty of car dealerships are: California, Florida, Texas, New York.

shipping vehicles on a popular routes

3. If you have the additional equipment for inoperable vehicles to be loaded on the truck and are happy to let the driver use them at the pick-up point, they will be more eager to pick up the vehicles from your dealership.

shipping inoparable vehicles

You can use our transportation service for transporting vehicles:

1. from a private residence to a Dealership:

Want to sell your car to a dealership and buy a new one? And need to transport it? Our company can easily handle it, for a rational price.

Dealership Car Shipping. Special Offers for Dealers 1

2. from a Dealership to a Dealership, or from Automobile manufacturer to a Dealership:

Dealerships often ship a big amount of vehicles to or from another business, and we can find a reliable driver in the shortest day frames, for the most reasonable price.

Dealership Car Shipping. Special Offers for Dealers 2

3. from a Dealership to a private residence:

Need to ship cars to your clients, or buy a car from a dealership and move it to your home? Just contact us to get your instant free transportation quote, and ship your car with the best car shipping service.

Dealership Car Shipping. Special Offers for Dealers 3

Whenever you need the car to be delivered somewhere just call us and we will figure out how we will work with your particular case. There is a special way to price a car transportation for the dealers. We provide them with the approximate price after they submit their request on our website. But there are a lot of factors that may change the car shipping price,  such as seasons ( in winter the price is higher, especially if you want to ship your vehicle to northern regions). So the best way to get to know the exact price is to create a quote, and our manager will find out the best solution for you.

Approximate vehicle shipping price for the dealership

cost of the car shipping

Keep in mind, more vehicles you have for one route, less price you are going to pay for transporting all them at once.

Short tips on car shipping during COVID-19

In general, coronavirus hasn’t made a big change in car shipping, but to keep you in save we recommend you follow all government advice. And during vehicle transportation keep such points:

– Wear a mask: the first and most important thing you should do when shipping the car during COVID is wear a cloth face covering. This is especially important when it’s hard to stay at least 6 feet away from people.

coronavirus car shipping

– Wash hands after each contact with the driver: another very important thing to do is to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Don’t forget to do that both after the pickup and the delivery of the vehicle.

covid car shipping

– Disinfect the car after the delivery: when you receive the car make sure you properly clean and disinfect it especially those parts the driver probably touched (the door handle, gear shift, and the steering wheel). You can also go to the car wash and they will disinfect the car for you.

shipping car during quarantine

More vehicle shipping advice you can find in this article.

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