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Rhode Island moving flow is inbound, but not sizable. Rhode Island shipping infrastructure is powerful, so it takes up to 15 minutes to get to any of unique RI places to see

Rhode Island Moving Trends

RI is the smallest US state by area, but the 2nd most densely populated. With more than 1 million residents, the state shows a 0.3% population increase since 2010 Census. So, Rhode Island moving flows are balanced, but the trends are promising.

Why do Americans move to RI?

Rhode Island is notorious for beautiful beaches, crowds everywhere, four seasons and green energy. But for abundant traffic and potholes on the roads, traveling or commute within the state takes not more than 15 minutes. Newcomers can be hardly accepted here. Meanwhile, people (mainly foreigners) relocate to RI due to:

• great colleges, schools and Brown University;
• rich history;
• diverse people;
• unique Rhode Island places to see;
• beautiful views;
• sports;
• beneficial location.

Rhode Island shipping and road infrastructure stands out for 5 rail stations, 1,162 bridges, and several ports. Nevertheless, RI financial industry is told to crash. The unemployment rate is about 9.8%. Therefore, finding a good job on arrival is troublesome. The largest industries are healthcare, food services, tourism, and accommodation. RI cost of living is rather high, housing options are commonly expensive. Additionally, winters in RI are cold and snowy.

Rhode Island Climate and Attractions

As everywhere in New England, winters in RI are cold and long; summers are hot or warm. Thus, RI climate is humid continental; weather is highly changeable, often unpredictable. Average precipitation is 46.5 in. per year. Moreover, due to the state’s location, the risk of hurricanes and storms is high. They become severe sometimes and cause damages. Blizzards are common in winter, so RI residents and tourists are to be cautious.

The famous Rhode Island places to see include:

• Cliff Walk;
• Gilded Age mansion;
• Waterplace Park;
• Benefit Street;
• Herreshoff Marine Museum;
• John Brown House.

Beautiful and green, with multiple picturesque beaches, RI attracts tourists and new-comers. Nevertheless, the state economy is not booming, so Rhode Island moving flow is inbound, but not sizeable.


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