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Virginia moving and tourist direction are in high-demand. Due to mild Virginia climate, developed VA shipping infrastructure, unique VA places to see Americans love the state.

Virginia Moving Harmony

Americans love Virginia, its beautiful mountains, and beaches. The state is famous for low taxes and fertile soils, elite universities and colleges. With up to 8.5 million residents, it shows 2.3% increase in population since the 2010 Census. So, in terms of relocations, VA is balanced; Virginia moving direction is in high-demand.

Why do Americans relocate to VA?

People move to Virginia Beach, Richmond area or Norfolk, because of:

  • great job opportunities;
  • low cost of living;
  • mild winters, 4 seasonal charm;
  • rich history;
  • favorable Virginia climate;
  • family-friendly environments.

Americans like that Virginia is close to Washington, D.C. The state offers multiple coastal, sports and winter outdoor activities. Virginia shipping infrastructure is expanding and consolidating, including several heavy traffic ports. Its school system is ranked in the top 10th according to the National Assessment(NAEP). Three dog parks are available in Virginia Beach. So, VA is a great, safe place for wine lovers, kids, pets and tourists. Additionally, the unemployment rate is 3.8% in VA, and the state offers multiple jobs in military, farming, business and service sectors.

Virginia Climate and Attractions

The climate in VA is mild, humid subtropical on the south, continental or maritime in the mountainous areas. Summers are hot, with high temperatures of about 80s (°F). Most precipitation fall in summer, mainly in August. Winters are cold to cool, with occasional snowfalls and rainfalls. Coastal areas of VA are vulnerable to hurricanes; tropical and winter storms are common, as well.

The best time to travel within the state is from June to September, and VA is a popular tourist destination. So, many millions of tourists arrive every year to visit top Virginia places to see, such as:

  • Busch Gardens;
  • The Natural Bridge;
  • Colonial Williamsburg (museum);
  • Arlington National Cemetery;
  • Monticello mansion in Charlottesville;
  • Mount Vernon;
  • Assateague and Chincoteague Islands.

Virginians enjoy the best of 4 seasons: beautiful parks offer camping, kayaking, swimming, water skiing in summer; multiple miles of hiking trails are explored by nature lovers; Snowshoe ski resorts is amazing in winter. So, Virginia is a popular moving and tourist direction.

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