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Are you searching for the best auto transport quotes? Do you know what the auto transport quotes mean? Do you want to know what are you paying for?

Here we will tell you in details about quotes.

The first thing you should know that transportation quotes are different and can be consisted of million of factors. The price that you are paying for specific vehicle shipping specific distance can vary significantly.

Main criteria of price building are:

– Type of your vehicle
– Distance
– Season
– Type of trailer
– Type of insurance (only if you need an extra insurance)

That’s it? You may ask. Yes, transport rates can be calculated easily and very fast but only if you provide all important information to the carrier, like personal things in vehicles or gas left if the vehicle.

An interesting observation is that size does matter! The bigger the vehicle the more it will probably cost!

It won’t reveal a secret if to say that longer rout cost more. Prices of routes chosen by divers can also influence on cost. Sometimes winter rates are lower, however, weather conditions should also be taken into account. Door-to-door delivery more comfortable but it cost extra. If your route starts in a big city and ends in a big city it may be cheaper.

If you need to ship a fancy car enclosed auto transport will be more suitable. But you will not save on your baby, will you?

Usually, auto transport quotes include basic insurance coverage though you can get extra insurance if you need it.

When you ask for best quotes don’t think that you win if you get the cheapest one. The only free cheese is in the mousetrap. Sadly, but it works with the cost of shipping also. The driver can damage your vehicle or use inappropriate equipment or even delay the delivery for weeks…

How are quotes being calculated?

The process is fairly easy. There is a website called, where all brokers can get an idea of what is the cost to transport a vehicle from point A to point B. Price is given to them in the form of previously accepted loads, the system keeps track on them. Usually, brokers add $100 – $150 dollars on top of what carriers are asking for and there you go – the ready-made quote is being sent to the customer.

From time to time cheap quotes can hide additional fees which you will learn only after delivery.

While making a decision be sure you have all necessary information. Don’t hesitate to ask for a help. We are here to help you, call us 904-297-1778 and get your best price today!

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