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Why Use Enclosed Car Shipping?

If you are looking to relocate a luxurious Cadillac, exclusive Harley, vintage Bentley, or any other valuable car then you must be very concerned about finding the most reliable way to get your precious vehicle to the destination point.

There is no doubt that you need it at the delivery in the exact same condition as it was at the pickup. In this case, it is necessary to turn to an enclosed type of trailer for moving your vehicle.
However, if the car you need to relocate is not very classy and you drive it to work every day then shipping it by an open car carrier might be a better and cheaper option.

But if you are sure that you will only feel calm when your car is transported all covered and protected from any kind of weather or road conditions, then an enclosed carrier is definitely for you!

  • Enclosed car trailers create walls and roof around the car, forming a shipping container for the vehicle.
  • Such trailers come in various sizes but, on average, they can fit from 2 to 4 cars.
  • Inside the trailer, all cars are safely secured with special straps eliminating any movements and not letting the cars roll around inside the trailer.
  • Enclosed carriers can be hard-sided or soft-sided. Even though both types of trailers cost the same and protect cars from elements, it’s important to know that hard-sided trailers provide better protection from dust and sand.
  • The vast majority of enclosed car carriers use hydraulic lift-gates for loading the cars into the trailer which is safer than driving the car up the ramp and is especially necessary for lowered race cars.
Enclsoed Auto Transport

As you can see, the main advantage of enclosed car carriers is:

Extra protection. Enclosed trailers protect cars from elements, rock chips, and other possible hazards of the road. Only owners and connoisseurs of luxury cars can understand how even micro-scratches, dings, or dents can affect the overall value of the vehicle. Some carriers even provide the car with a cloth overcoat for extra safety.

But there are also certain cons of enclosed car carriers:

  • They are pricey. Due to lower carrying capacity, the price per vehicle in a 2-car enclosed trailer is higher than on a 10-car open hauler. On average, hiring an enclosed carrier would cost about $300 more than a regular open carrier.
  • It takes longer to find a driver. About only 20% of carriers in the industry drive enclosed trailers as the process of loading and operating such trailers takes more time and money than a standard open car hauler.

But if protection is everything to you and you are flexible with time and budget, then feel free to check the price for relocating your vehicle on your route by submitting a request on our website (make sure to put a check next to the “enclosed” type).

Basic Reasons to Select an Enclosed Trailer

At MoveWheels, we offer professional car shipping in enclosed carriers. This method of transportation is preferable, and in some circumstances, the only possible option, because:

• autos are well protected against heavy rain and the wind, snow, dirt, debris, and sun damage;
• advanced climate control systems enable the delivery of delicate goods and vehicles;
• trailers are equipped with modern elevators that carefully lift sensitive cars.

The advanced lift gates for enclosed trailers virtually eliminate any chance of damage. Also, the interiors of all vehicles, especially sporty convertibles, are fully protected from any weather and debris along the route. Your vehicle is completely safe and secure, inside and out.

Certainly, delivery costs in enclosed car carriers companies are higher compared to other delivery methods. These trailers are often bigger, heavier, and use more fuel, especially to maintain climate control en route. The drivers are highly professional and certified to operate their specialized equipment. They will perform any spot inspections on pick up, on delivery, and along the way if necessary. In case of any unforeseen problems, your special vehicle is also insured far more than the industry standard.

What will happen after you submit the quote?

Customers who chose enclosed trailer transport are always highly satisfied with the results. That’s why we recommend this method whenever possible. Contact us today for a free consultation and shipping quote.

You will be contacted by one of our professional shipping agents and provided with a realistic price range for shipping your particular vehicle on your route within your time frames.

Our team professionally sorts and evaluates the carriers to provide you with the most reliable driver that meets our high standards and has experience in shipping exclusive cars.

Once you place an order with us we will start searching for the best carrier for your special vehicle!

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