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Old car – enclosed transportation

You are a lucky owner of a classic car and don’t know which method of transportation to use to get your car safe and shiny? Here we will give you brief pieces of advice about classic cars transport.

The owners of classic cars in most cases prefer to use enclosed transport. Why? Obviously, because it’s much safer than open trucks. Almost all drivers who have enclosed car trailer have $250 K insurance to cover the vehicle. You have to be prepared to pay a little bit extra for enclosed transportation – usually, it costs 35-50% more than open car hauler.

It will be good to research all offers provided on the market for classic cars transport, as vintage or even antique cars have specific requirements for transportation. Most drivers are using 1-floor trailers in order to keep your vehicle safe from oil leakages from above standing cars. Some customers prefer to use soft side enclosed trailer to avoid scratches, frankly, hard side trailer is also suitable.

Earlier booking – betters service

Keep in mind that it might be a little bit hard for a broker to find an enclosed trailer on a short notice. It would be better to place an order at least 3-4 days prior to your first available pickup date. In this case, the broker will have enough time to prepare everything and not overpay for expedited service.

It would be great to take extra measures on pickup and delivery locations. Take videos and photos, don’t forget to get the copy of the BOL from the driver and take as much time as needed to inspect your vehicle on delivery locations. You will also need some time to get full insurance. Most of the carriers take responsibility for only their negligence and do not responsible for circumstances beyond of their control such as a bad weather. Safety should be your number one priority if you need classic cars transport.

Extra instructions can’t hurt

If you are still worried about your old car safety you can give some written instructions to the driver, especially if your vehicle is with character. If your classic car is running keep gas tank half full to avoid some extra fees that may occur.

Don’t forget to read all reviews about the company before shipment! Using reliable delivery company will guarantee your classic car get to the place of destination safe and in time.

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