Does someone have to be present for pick-up and delivery?

Sometimes it happens that our customers cannot be at the pick up or drop off locations and that’s totally fine. If you can’t be at the pick up address, you may ask your friend, neighbour, relative to release the car to the driver. If the place is totally new to you and you have no one there, you can leave your vehicle near your house or at the secure parking lot and hide the car key near the tire and let the driver know about that. When he comes he will load your vehicle on the trailer and send you some photos as a proof that everything is okay. 

 If you can’t be at the drop off address, you can ask your friend or relative to receive the vehicle for you and pay the driver. If it’s not possible, you can ask the driver to unload your vehicle and hide the car key inside the car or near the tire and send you some photos. If you can’t be at the delivery location, you can pay the driver at the pick up location or send money via Zelle or CashApp if he has an account.

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