How to transport a car?

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Whether relocating to another state or just buying a new or used vehicle, residents across America are in need of car shipping operations. They require transportation of their valuable boats, autos, motorcycles and scooters to be securely delivered in a timely and reliable fashion, with the least amount of worry or hassle. The challenges of searching, analyzing, and risk assessing across numerous possible options can seem exhaustively complicated for ordinary people. Our experienced professionals are experts in the vehicle transportation field and handle difficulties in a skillful way.

How Does Car Shipping Cooperation Start?

US residents study multiple customer reviews, directories, rating services, and official federal or local websites searching for the most dependable transportation company. They must evaluate vehicle delivery, safety, reliability, and many other advantages and disadvantages. Meanwhile, our highly proficient agents at MoveWheels know the peculiarities of the shipping business inside and out, and can easily avoid the most common pitfalls, scams, and frauds. We provide industry-standard guarantees for our customers and are always standing by to answer questions swiftly and intelligently. To get started using our services, you just have to:  

  • fill out the form here to receive an instant car shipping quote;
  • get a call from an experienced shipping agent;
  • confirm the delivery;
  • receive, scrutinize and sign the contract;
  • prepare the car for delivery;

Specify only your car brand and model, departure and destination addresses, moving or vehicle transportation dates, and contact details. You will get an instant quote in seconds. The shipping quote can be provided by phone as well; so the price comparison will be fast and easy.

Rely on the best.

We partner with a nationwide base of carriers and certify their insurance, reliability and background. We solve all real-time difficulties to make sure your vehicle arrives as scheduled – from finding the appropriate driver, to assigning the proper hauler, to re-routing around weather or construction delays. For more assurances of our vehicle transportation safety guarantees, you can check our DOT number, BBB listing, and FMCSA license.

Moreover, customer requests are always taken into account. For example, you can specify an auto transportation company that focuses on large format, boat, or motorcycle delivery and we will be pleased to cooperate in full.

car transportation cost

How much does it cost to ship a car?

We are a reputable and honest company while our pricing policy is completely transparent. The car shipping cost depends only on:

  • the vehicle type and dimensions;
  • vehicle condition (we also ship inoperable cars and car projects)
  • transportation distance in miles;
  • carrier type (open or enclosed);
  • the delivery insurance coverage.

The total route distance, fuel consumption, and hauler partitioning directly impact the overall costs of shipping. A large SUV takes up much more space on a cargo hauler platform than does a motorcycle, for example. By understanding the pricing algorithm, our customers can estimate the costs for themselves and conclude that our pricing structures are extremely affordable and fair. For more information, please visit the guide how to measure your vehicle.

Complicated Deliveries.

The best auto carriers always offer insurance policies to their customers, although the details may vary widely. Be sure to scrutinize these documents carefully, such as the contract and insurance agreement, to avoid any hidden fees or contradictory clauses. We provide extra guarantees for vehicle owners by partnering only with those reliable auto transportation companies that match our requirements, and offer door-to-door delivery whenever possible. Our shipping agents do a tremendous job managing these complicated deals while our customers can relax and avoid all worries that their treasured auto will arrive safely. Moreover, no additional surcharges will be applied for managing complicated deliveries. Learn more about advantages of our unique and beneficial transportation.

Car Shipping Checklist

Before handing your auto over to any transportation company, several simple but important preparations should be made to avoid lengthy inspection and documentation delays:

  • wash the car;
  • inspect the vehicle for leaks;
  • take photos;
  • get records of damages;
  • check fluids and battery charge.

Fuel levels and other minor issues can be discussed with your shipping agent ahead of time to avoid additional delays or complications. Most auto carriers recommend to inflate the tires, disable alarms, and remove all personal items. You can read more in complete vehicle preparation guide.

Thus, cooperation with MoveWheels is a convenient, affordable, and pleasant opportunity for our customers. Additionally, our dedicated shipping agents take pride in versatile, comprehensive, and honest service. Anyone who needs either domestic or commercial transport within the USA can make use of our professional experience. Just get a quote today!

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