How to choose the right package?

It all depends on your needs. If you are fully flexible with the dates of pick up and drop off, you can choose the package Flexible and let us choose the best driver for the most reasonable price within your time frame. 

If you are limited in delivery dates, but are totally flexible with pick up, you can proceed with the Recommended package and we will find you the best driver who will suit your delivery time frame.

Expedited package is perfect for those who’s limited in pick up and delivery time frame and need to ship the vehicle asap. If your vehicle is going from an auction or a shop that has storage fees, that is the best option for you. You may spend more on shipping but you will for sure save money on storage fees.

If you are shipping a brand new, exotic, vintage, or show car we highly recommend you go with enclosed transportation. Enclosed car haulers keep your pride-and-joy protected from rain, snow, outside dirt, and dust. And if your vehicle has low clearance, enclosed trailers have lift gates to load and unload the car.

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