How To Ship Your Car By Train

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Shipping your car by train advantages and disadvantages

Need to ship your car and don’t know the best way to do that? Used a truck shipment before but want to try something new? For a long time truck shipment was the only way to ship your car within the USA. Now, you have a possibility to ship a car by train!

The other benefit is that to ship car by train can be cheaper than to use a regular truck delivery. With constantly raising prices for fuel which means raising prices for truck transportation people are looking for a rail transportation as a great alternative of regular shipment. Plus if you care about the environment this is a good way to make your contribution and fight against the pollution.
Despite all benefits, the majority of railroad lines do not work with customers who need to ship 1-2 vehicles. They prefer to work with commercial companies by booking the whole existing areas monthly. The result of this is higher rates on some routes and no availability on the others. Also, it is not very quick, it may take 2-3 weeks to get your car depending on destination place.

Decide to use the train?

You have two options to ship a vehicle. First, to use an open frame rail – it is cheap, but it won’t save your car from dirt and weather conditions. Although it is comparatively safe. Second – enclosed car, it cost extra but it worth it! It is suitable for almost any of vehicle types, especially for the luxury one. The good benefit is that you can ship additional stuff inside the container.

How can I use door to door delivery if I ship a car by train?

Very simple, all companies use a combined delivery. Which means they use a truck to deliver your car to the rail. Also, these companies provide storage if needed. Earlier, you were able to use train shipment for only a few directions. Now almost all routes are available for auto transport.

The resume of the above is that to ship car by train is a great alternative to truck shipment as it can significantly save your money, especially if you ship for a long distance.

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