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Where to Find Best Carriers to Ship Your Car?

Whether buying a luxury, oversized, or standard vehicle, car owners facing a relocation begin searching for top-quality auto transport services. Some rely on their dealers but often wind up paying $200-$300 more than independent carriers usually charge. Others surf the Internet to find carriers themselves, but face a multitude of risks including delays, missed deliveries, frauds, hidden fees, and extortion for last-minute services. The professional car shipping brokers at MoveWheels are fully aware of all these risks and more. They have the experience to find suitable transportation for your vehicle, hire reliable carriers with skilled drivers, and recommend affordable options for whatever special circumstances you may have.

Also to get more info to prepare your vehicle for shipping cross country you read our guide car transport guide.

Some Reasons to Hire a Vehicle Transport Broker

Car owners who search online themselves for a suitable auto carrier use up an enormous amount of time, often without getting the best combination of options. The study company websites read multiple testimonials and reviews, compare insurance policies, and possibly check out the FMCSA and USDOT license numbers and information. Meanwhile, our skilled shipping agents can do this job both efficiently and precisely. Entrust dependable brokers to manage your vehicle transport because we:

  • maintain a comprehensive database of trustworthy car shipping companies;
  • partner only with reliable drivers;
  • check their licenses and background;
  • provide safety guarantees.

In fact, only about 10% of all car shipping companies are listed online. The rest are listed on private loadboards accessible by our agents trained to use these databases. The smallest carriers consist of only 1-2 employees that act simultaneously as owners, drivers, and movers. These companies often offer the most flexible pricing and scheduling in addition to providing extra customer services for a small fee.  However, these agencies are not listed online and partner exclusively with professional brokers they trust. These independent owners usually do not have enough time or marketing personnel for business promotions and solicitations.

That’s why hiring a broker is both efficient and cost-effective for consumers. Always look for dependable ones by reading testimonials, talking to shipping agents, and studying auto transport quotes. Avoid estimates that are too low. Instead, give priority to reliability and experience. After all, your vehicle is too valuable to risk. At MoveWheels, we do business only with insured carriers that have a proven track record of on-time safe deliveries. And we hire only professional certified drivers that are always careful and respectful of your property. Call us today for a free quote.

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