How To Move A Car To College

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After school, the child has to make a choice and go to college or university, where he can gain knowledge that will allow him to get his dream profession and realize his plans for the future. Not always the choice falls on the educational institution that is located next to the house. Very often, in order to get an education, a person has to travel far from his home – it can be another part of the state or even another corner of the country. To provide yourself with the maximum level of comfort during training, it is better to take your favorite “iron horse” with you. But you should not drive it yourself – it is better to contact a company students auto transport services.

  1. How does shipping cars for college students work?
  2. Tips for moving a car to\from college
  3. How much car shipping for students cost?
  4. What papers do students need when shipping a car?
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How Does Shipping Cars For College Students Work?

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  1. Find a carrier company. It is worth entrusting the transportation of a car only to companies that have an impeccable reputation in the market and have managed to prove themselves from the best side. You should not choose a company by analyzing only its pricing policy. When choosing a company, you need to take into account:
    • presence of registration;
    • availability of the necessary equipment for the safe transportation of the vehicle;
    • having customer reviews. By analyzing them, you can evaluate the work of the company and form an understanding of how well the company is coping with its duties, whether it meets deadlines, etc.;
    • availability of insurance. Not all trucking companies provide insurance and are ready to fully compensate for the damage if the car is damaged during transportation. (check it here)
  2. Select the type of transportation. Today, companies offer open and enclosed transportation, each of the options has both advantages and disadvantages. The open ones are cheaper, and closed ones provide safer transportation and reliably protect cars from mechanical damage, various external influences, etc.
  3. Prepare your car for shipping. Here we are talking about the fact that all personal things must be removed from the car (after all, if they are lost, no one will reimburse anything – not a single insurance covers the owner’s personal things left in the trunk or car interior). It is also important to empty the car’s fuel tank, leaving 1/4 of it – this is enough for the car to move during loading and unloading. There is no need for any additional fuel, as it causes weight gain and therefore increases the cost of shipping for college students.
  4. Decide on a budget. There are many options on the market, you need to choose a company based primarily on reputation, but this does not mean that you have to spend all the money in the world on transportation. The pricing process is influenced by a huge number of factors and therefore it is necessary to foresee all the nuances.
  5. Before loading the car, be sure to document its condition. Owners must provide detailed documentation of the vehicle’s condition, including any existing damage, fluid leaks, and mechanical problems. In this case, the trucking company will be responsible for any new damage during the delivery process. It is advisable to take photos of the car before sending it to another state, etc.
  6. Upon acceptance of the vehicle, the student must conduct a full inspection to ensure that the vehicle was in the same condition prior to transport.

Tips for moving a car to\from college

Tips for shipping a car to\from college

The vehicle owner must:

turn off the alarm. At first glance it seems that this is an insignificant moment, but in fact it is not. If the alarm goes off while loading the car, this will inevitably delay the process. If the car is transported alone, then this is not so scary, but if it is transported with other cars, then there is a risk that the carrier will not solve the problem due to unwillingness to violate deadlines and create problems for other customers. After all, vehicles can be transported, which should be further sent by ship or ferry;
clean up the car and wash it;
remove all accessories from the car (flavors, video recorders, etc.) before college auto transport shipping;
block the car to protect from potential robbers during transportation;
take care of the optimal amount of fuel or gas. Do not fill the tank to capacity – this helps to avoid potential leakage and ensures maximum safety;
fix any leaks. Before towing a college auto transport, it is worth evaluating the serviceability of all its components. If there are any, repair is worth before towing. Such a step will prevent fluid leakage and eliminates the risk of a slippery road. Also, if your vehicle is already leaking prior to being towed, it may stop working when it reaches its destination. And this may subsequently entail additional costs for towing to another destination;
resolve all issues related to the insurance company. If the carrier company does not provide insurance, then you can resolve this issue yourself. It is important that it is, because anything can happen in the process of transporting a car.

How Much Car Shipping For Students Cost?

How Much Car Shipping For Students Cost?

The cost of transporting cars depending on several factors. These include:

  • type of the shipped car;
  • the distance between the points of loading and unloading the vehicle. There is a point here, the price per mile for short distances is slightly higher than the price for transporting a car for long distances. There are many transport companies that provide transportation services on the market, and therefore it will definitely not be difficult to find the best option for yourself;
  • the number of vehicles that are transported in one flight. The more cars will be transported in a car transporter, the lower the price will be. This is a good idea for friends who live nearby and study at the same university;
  • location;
  • the weight and size of your machine;
  • wishes of the owner regarding the body of the car transporter. To transport a car in an enclosed auto transport or in an open one – everyone decides for himself.

What Papers Do Students Need When Shipping A Car?

To transport a college student car, you need to take care of the preparation of such documents as:

What Papers Do Students Need When Shipping A Car?
Bill of lading.  The bill of lading performs three main functions: indicates the conclusion of a contract for the carriage of goods, under which the carrier undertakes to deliver the goods and issue them to the recipient; evidence of acceptance of the goods for transportation; is a shipping document, since it gives the right to receive the car to the person for whom it is issued.
Absent Owner Authorization. If a person other than you is picking up your vehicle from transport, you must sign this form to authorize them. A car transport company can supply an absent owner authorization form.
Insurance. We have already written about this above.
Title and Registration. You must bring these documents with you when dropping off or picking up your vehicle from transport.


What are the advantages of delivering a student’s car over independent driving?

By towing a car, you do not increase the number of miles on the engine, which is great if you do not want to increase the mileage (this is true for those who tow a car for the purpose of selling in the future). Also, the student has the opportunity to stay close to the family longer and not worry about having to leave a few days earlier in order to have time to get there by car at a low speed on the road. In addition, it is also safe for the reason that young people very often do not fully realize the importance of resting behind the wheel and can bring themselves to exhaustion on the road and cause an accident.

Does it make sense to deliver a student’s car?

Of course, after all, a personal car is convenient, comfortable and as safe as possible for a student who, in addition to studying, probably also has other things to do – returning home in the evenings on foot or by bike is not so safe.

Is it expensive to transport a car to college?

The price depends on a huge number of factors, including: the distance the car is transported, the type of vehicle, the place of registration of the carrier company, and more.

How long does it take to transport a college auto transport?

It all depends on how far the place of loading is from the place of unloading the car, weather conditions and the quality of the road surface.

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