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How Transport Companies Work

When faced with relocation to another US city, region or state, homeowners and their family members are always extremely busy. First, they must secure a job; then they search for a new home to rent or buy, schools for the children, and possibly a health care center for an elderly parent. Before moving, they are sorting and packing personal items, and perhaps organizing a garage sale.  Meanwhile, most Americans continue working 8-12hrs/day in offices, factories, service centers, etc. So whenever any of these busy individuals needs to find a reliable car carrier, the process of searching and screening is often complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can charge the professional shipping agents at MoveWheels with this important task and be perfectly served in the process.

What Are Small Auto Transport Companies?

Most vehicle transport agencies are small and privately owned. When an entrepreneur first establishes a business, he leases a car hauler and often drives it himself. These types of companies control about 60% of the American market, provoking fierce competition. Many of these enterprises are family owned and operated, employing multiple family members who fill diverse roles as needed, and providing extra services for small fees.  These small businesses are the most flexible and customer-oriented. They are dedicated and work hard for their own family benefit and reputation. Often, they provide very affordable car shipping quotes. However, they usually have no company website or customer service staff. Instead, they attract long-standing customers within their locality, and partner with trusted brokers to attract business on a wider scale.

Here at MoveWheels, we maintain a large database of dependable carriers that provide both significant and specific benefits for their customers. We partner with these companies based on their reliability and competency to transport your vehicle affordably and safely to its destination.

Medium-to-Large Sized Car Carriers

Larger companies have fleets of car haulers, employ many drivers, and complete several orders per week. Most of the auto truck transporters also:

  • follow the same route every 1-2wks (for example, CA-FL or FL-TX);
  • find customers through brokers;
  • entrust drivers with multiple tasks.

Due to intense market competition, these enterprises offer very affordable car shipping quotes, especially on the most popular routes. Professional drivers oversee the loading and unloading process, work hard to meet the customer’s timeline, and collect cash on delivery(COD). These carriers typically have their own websites, but may not invest much in promotion or customer support. Instead, they partner with third party intermediaries staffed with highly proficient shipping agents that match them with customers.

The majority of auto shipping operations are carried out under the following scheme. The driver:

  • arrives at pick-up location;
  • loads the vehicle onto the hauler, using available equipment;
  • drives to the destination;
  • unloads the vehicle;
  • hands necessary documents over to the customer;
  • collects the payment according to the agreement.

For a small fee, the driver may also provide extra services – for example, inspect the auto on arrival, take pictures, and send them to the owner. This service is particularly essential if you have purchased a car at auction or on eBay. Also, the owner may request the auto be loaded on the upper deck of the hauler if possible. This extra precaution eliminates any risk of fluid leakage from vehicles above. Insurance is provided by the carrier, but estimators and insurance agents can be hired on request if needed.

At MoveWheels, our dedicated shipping agents always inform customers about all auto shipping nuances, however small. They have the experience to bargain with drivers on your behalf, making sure you get the best service possible.

Top car transport companies according to

There are 10 car transport companies sharing the USA market right now. We are proud to say that we are in top 10 companies by the volume of shipped cars per year. It’s hard to compete with monsters like DAS, but their prices are 30%-40% higher due to enourmous amount of leads and traffic. They can afford to work only with high end clients who are ready to pay 400-500 additionally. There is one more problem with companies like DAS – they are shipping only from terminals.

Here is a little breakdown of all top transport companies by the amount of shipped vehicles per year.

Car Transport companies

Dependable Car Carrier Selection Process

People are often frustrated searching for a reliable auto transport company. First they must get a list of contacts; then they check carrier reputation and feedback;  and finally they must negotiate all the terms of service and compare quotes. This process can take a very long time with many annoying delays in between waiting for a response. Furthermore, the details of these quotes can vary from company to company and broker to broker, so simply reading and comparing the details can be tricky.

Fortunately, there are several good national and regional online resources that facilitate selection. These directories are fully automated, and customers can find the most dependable carriers based on several criteria such as location, vehicle type, scope of activity, and price level. However, carriers generally don’t call customers themselves. Often they are contacted by a broker who has already worked out a contract based on the requests of the vehicle owner and the information supplied by the carrier.

Advantages of Contacting MoveWheels

By entrusting an experienced transport broker, you can avoid the time-consuming selection process and logistical negotiations with the carrier and driver needed to schedule door-to-door delivery of your valuable auto.

At MoveWheels, we partner only with dependable carriers, guaranteeing a timely and safe delivery. We get in touch with professional drivers and find the best solutions for every case, thus safeguarding our customer’s interests. For example,  if several loads are going in the same direction, they can all be loaded onto one car hauler. Since we are managing multiple loads every day, we are in an uniquely advantaged position to help our customers save time and money while avoiding any unnecessary risks. Let our experience and training work for you!

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